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Photography Fundamentals Course (3 hours)

This fundamentals course is our prerequisite to our other courses and a must if you wish to take your photography beyond the Automatic setting. We will teach you the basic points of proper exposure and understanding your camera settings. This workshop is very hands-on… come prepared to take plenty of notes! (THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT WORKSHOP IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN MORE OF OUR CLASSES)


VA Photo Class 101.png

Photography Series 101 (6 hours / 3 Classes)

3 Class Series for Learning Photography taught by VAPC Guest Instructor, Nadere Johnson.

This class will teach you how to get professional results with your DSLR camera and set a better foundation to crafting the best images using manual camera settings and other functions.

Register before 5/1/19 to get save $$$ with our introductory offer of $199 for all 3 classes (6 hours of instruction total). Normal rates apply after 5/1/19 $275 for 6 hour track.

1st Class begins on Tuesday, 5/7/19 … starts at 6pm and ends 8pm.
2nd Class is on 5/14/19 and 3rd Class is on 5/21/19.

Price includes course and materials. Certificate of completion will be given upon successful completion of all 3 the class dates!

Must have a DSLR camera.

Register here:


Flash & Modified Lighting Workshop (1.5 hours)

Need help creating better images when you only have a flash and limited light sources? This class is built to help you gain confidence in shooting indoors and how to master the use of flash.

Prerequisite preferred (Photography Fundamentals), please contact for more information.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: The ARTINSPIRED Center
Address: 3170 William Styron Square, Newport News, VA 23606

Bring: Camera / Flash (if you have one) / Other lighting you have (optional) – BE READY TO SHOOT & Take plenty of notes… bring your pen and paper.

Cost: Free to VAPC Members / $25 Non-Members


Composition Techniques Class (1.5 hours)

This class is the key to creating composition that will transform your images!

Golden Rule
Rule of Thirds
Fibonacci Sequence
High Key / Low Key
Different Perspectives
Color Wheel & Contrasts

Give your photographs meaning and expand your thinking on theme sets and more…

Register today to attend. No Prerequisite required. Feel free to contact for more information.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: The ARTINSPIRED Center
Address: 3170 William Styron Square, Newport News, VA 23606

Bring: Take plenty of notes / Samples of your portfolio.

Cost: Free to VAPC Members / $10 Non-Members

Natural Light Portraits Workshop (2 hours)

$35 Workshop Fee / $10 for VAPC MEMBERS

HANDS-ON LEARNING for those who strive to get professional results with Natural Lighting.

Our goal is to teach you how to assess the best light conditions that will result in beautiful, mastered portraits using natural light. Instructor Marilen Crump will show you how to achieve the best quality and how to work with the available conditions. The class will focus on how to choose your background and manual exposure so you can shoot with confidence. Explore methods that will keep your subjects at ease, the best ways to diffuse your light, reflectors and more!

Pre-requisite: Photography Fundamentals Workshop (See Above) or Instructor Approval.

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA


Photography Tours w/ Instruction

Colonial Williamsburg Photography Tour (2-Hour)

Walking shoes are definitely required for this very adventurous photo tour! Gain experience choosing your shots wisely and how to properly expose for different situations. There are many sections of this area that will be a great capture to enhance your portfolio. Ask questions while you try different methods of on location photography! We are here to help you! (Pre-requisite: PHOTOGRAPHY FUNDAMENTALS. If you have any questions about our requirements, please contact Marilen at 757-768-9033)

    • Date: TBA
    • Time: TBA
    • Location: TBA

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POWERFUL TOOLS for Photo Post-Processing

Limited to 4 attendees.

Become better acquainted with powerful tools in the Photography Industry to help your workflow become more efficient! (Optional) Bring your JPGs that you would like advice with on a USB or email in advance. Also, if you have a laptop with your current Post Processing program, then feel free to bring that as well.

This class is perfect for those who are seeking to master every image that they present to clients or for display. Very necessary knowledge for all digital photographers!

    • Date: TBA
    • Time: TBA
    • Location: TBA


12 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. I am interested in taking the fundamentals course and am wondering if you will be offerring classes throughout the summer. I am a public schools employee and can’t afford the time to take a class until the summertime. Thanks!

  2. Hi Marilen, my name is Jennifer Riddick and I spoke with you over the phone about a week ago. I was just wondering when I would be able to register for the May 17th photography class?

    1. It is. There are settings that you may not be using that we can help you with. The fundamentals will also help you make a more informed decision if you ever upgrade your equipment. Hope you can join us sometime!

  3. I am interested in all the photography classes, in time that is. I have a Nikon D3200 with extra 50mm lens. I understand my camera pretty well but I want to get better at it. Does the initial $175 pay for all the classes minus individual tours with instructor? Or what does that cover?

    1. That covers only the Fundamentals for a lifetime. Most take the class several times a year because it is the class that really helps you to master the calculations used in manual settings. It is our pre-requisite to other advanced classes. Feel free to call with more questions at 757-768-9033 🙂

  4. Hello. I am curious about your camera do you only do classes in hampton/ I have a Nikon 3300 and I really would like to learn how to not use it as just a point and shoot.

    1. Where are you located? We are expanding our classes and will also be including online options. The Photography Fundamentals Workshop would be perfect for what you are looking to learn.

    1. Thanks for asking Charlene! We are developing more classes as we speak and will be taking advantage of the new ways we can facilitate this class online. Post processing is best taught when you can see the screen of the instructor without obstruction and this is innovation is going to so much fun. Interested?

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