Photography Fundamentals Course (3 hours)

This fundamentals course is our prerequisite to our other courses and a must if you wish to take your photography beyond the Automatic setting. We will teach you the basic points of proper exposure and understanding your camera settings. This workshop is very hands-on… come prepared to take plenty of notes! (THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT WORKSHOP IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN MORE OF OUR CLASSES)

Learn the main components that every photographer should know. From Composition, Shutter, Aperture, ISO and beyond… this workshop is perfect for those new to DSLRs or for experienced photographers needing a refresher in the theories that make great exposures happen. Perfect for those who need help figuring out the settings of their digital camera. Get the shot every time! No previous experience required.



2 thoughts on “Calendar

    1. It is. There are settings that you may not be using that we can help you with. The fundamentals will also help you make a more informed decision if you ever upgrade your equipment. Hope you can join us sometime!

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